The travel contract is made with the company ‘’’ESINESS TOURISM & TRAVEL SINGLE-PERSON LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY’’, with the distinctive title ‘’ESINESS TRAVEL’’, and which is committed to offer you the services that are part of your trip, and you, the Customer ( hereinafter the ‘’Traveler’’).

A reservation is considered valid only if the relevant pre-agreed price is paid within the predetermined schedule and you receive the confirmation of the services via the e-mail of our company ( Only then is there a contract between the Traveler and ESINESS TRAVEL. The mentioned participation conditions are imposed on ESINESS TRAVEL by the individual suppliers. The declaration of your participation in any Esiness Travel service means the simultaneous acceptance of the following General Terms of Participation.


For the services offered, Esiness Tarvel uses various means such as ships and other means of transport, hotels, local travel agencies and other entities over which it has no direct control. Esiness Travel does not have its own fleet of ships or its own hotel complexes in order to be responsible for their proper or incorrect operation. The role of Esiness Travel is purely mediated in order to provide services to Travelers and is not responsible in any case for any anomalies that may occur, which it is not able to predict and / or control effectively as, inter alia :

  • Accidents, diseases or unpleasant organic effects from climatic conditions, epidemics, food poisoning or inadequate cleaning conditions.
  • Any difficulties that may be caused by unforeseen situations or events of force majeure, such as adverse weather conditions, strikes, coups, wars, fires, earthquakes, floods and any other similar situation.
  • Damage, loss or theft of luggage, personal belongings, money or travel documents and any consequences of a criminal or other criminal act.

For any problem that arises the Traveler must inform Esiness Travel in writing as soon as possible in order to give time to find a solution to the problem. Any protest, demand, or complaint must be addressed to Esiness Travel immediately accompanied by the relevant and supporting documents, and no later than 10 working days.

Esiness Travel reserves the right not to reply to letters that will be sent after the above deadline.

Esiness Travel will have absolutely no liability for any damages that may be caused to the Traveler if these damages result from acts or omissions:

  1. a) of the customer himself,
  2. b) of a third party other than the provision of the services provided in the contract and which the parties could not anticipate or avoid them,
  3. c) by force majeure.

In any case, Esiness Travel will make every effort and offer every possible assistance to the best of its ability, so that such situations are dealt with in the best possible way.


All Travelers are required to have a valid passport or identity card.

Each Traveler is responsible for the issuance, validity and validation of his travel documents (passports, residence and work permits, etc.), required for departure, transit and stay in the countries included in the trip, as well as for their return (for those who need it) to Greece.

Travelers are responsible for the actions of the children they accompany and must constantly monitor them throughout the journey for their safety and behavior. They are also responsible for their timely arrival at the gathering places of their various program events (transfers, guided tours, excursions, meals, etc.).

ATTENTION: Many trips may cause disturbances in the normal functioning of the travelers’ body, Esiness Travel bears no responsibility. We recommend Travelers to consult their doctor or the competent Health Center before their trip, especially for the elderly. Due to frequent changes in epidemic areas, we always recommend contacting your local Health Service.


For valid registration and participation in an individual trip the Traveler must pay the amount of the deposit mentioned in the booking confirmation document that is sent electronically to the Traveler within the deadline stated in it, while the balance stated in the booking confirmation document must be paid no later than 30 days before his departure. Phone or other bookings that are not validated by paying the corresponding deposit do not oblige Esiness Travel to reserve seats.

The payment and repayment of the amount can be done either by deposit in one of the Bank Accounts of Esiness Travel or by debiting the credit card of the Traveler. In the first case it is necessary to send electronically (by e-mail) a copy of the proof of deposit of the bank in which the deposit was made with reference to the name of the depositor. In the second case, it is necessary to attach an authorization for the credit card charge with the signature of the cardholder.


If the Traveler wishes to extend the stay or change an additional service that is different, its arrangement requires the payment of € 30 per change / per person as operating costs, in addition to the charge that will result from the change or service (surcharge, extra cost services). The amount of € 30 per change / per person is required for each change / extension from the stay in hotels or additional service, if such a change is possible.


Children 2 – 12 years old usually pay reduced accommodation costs if they stay in the same room as their parents and a reduced ticket for excursions and various activities.


To secure hotels and other essential services, Esiness Travel can pay significant pre-trip amounts and commit to specific compensation obligations in the event of partial or total cancellation. That is why it is in turn obliged to withhold the entire deposit or to request additional payment in case of untimely cancellation.

Esiness Travel makes every effort to avoid charges / cancellations when cancellation results from illness, accidents, medical examinations and the like, which do not create conditions for cancellation in accordance with the lessons of common experience without withholding cancellation fees.


For travel services the cancellations are valid as follows:

Hotel reservations

Cancellation reservation 21-15 days before the arrival date, cancellation 30% of the total reservation amount.

Cancellation reservation 14-8 days before the arrival date, cancellation 50% of the total reservation amount.

Cancellation reservation 7-1 days before the arrival date, cancellation 75% of the total reservation amount.

Cancellation less than 24 hours before the day of arrival or non-appearance of customers, cancellation of 100% of the total booking amount.

The reservation confirmation schedule is indicated in the confirmation that the traveler receives in his e-mail at the time of booking. In case of non-payment of the reservation within the predetermined deadline the reservation is automatically canceled. In case of payment by credit card, the Voucher of the accommodation is automatically sent to the Traveler, who is obliged to show it upon check-in at the hotel.


Esiness has entered into a Civil Liability insurance policy, in accordance with EU and Greek legislation (PD. 339/1996), which covers any customer claims. A copy of the above insurance policy is delivered to Travelers via email upon request.


All accommodation used by Esiness Travel has the legal and valid operating license required by the competent authorities of the host State. There is no single international ranking of hotels, however, or star use has been accepted and applies as follows:

2 * = Tourist

3 * = Β΄ category

4 * = Α΄ category

5 * = Luxury

Rooms in most hotels around the world have been designed to accommodate two beds. Therefore, usually triple rooms are actually double rooms with the addition of an extra bed. Some hotels accept the addition of a fourth bed to serve travelers, but it goes without saying that space will be significantly limited. Usually, rooms are delivered at 14:00 and are available to tenants until 12:00 on the day of departure.

In case of late arrival of individual Travelers at the hotel, such as after the day of their scheduled arrival, and if they have not informed about it, the hotel has the right to allocate the rest of the booked period if requested. Therefore, any delays for individual Travelers to distant destinations should be reported to Esiness Travel so that hotels in the destination destinations are notified.

Additional hotel services not listed on the voucher that are included in the room rate will be reimbursed on the spot by the Traveler. This applies to the case of services such as safe, air condition, alcoholic beverages etc. We remind Travelers to pay any personal bills before leaving the hotel. In no case is Esiness Travel charged to the personal accounts of Travelers.


Esiness Travel and Traveler are committed together to resolve in good faith any dispute that may arise. In case of final out-of-court dispute, Greek law is applicable and the Courts of Lefkada are competent.