It is not by chance that from very early on Greek mythology associated Lefkada with stories about life, love and death. On the cape of Lefkata, the ancient name of which was “ Lefkas petra” or “Lefkas akra” ( “ white edge” ) the travelling sailors would come face-to-face with the beauty of nature. Lefkada blends the light of love, wild beauty and greatness. This is why they called the island lefki, “ white ”, because its beauty is raw, pure. so its not surprising that some of the most beautiful white sand beaches can be found on Lefkada.

Lefkada is not just an ideal place for beach lovers. Discover the beautiful mountain with its traditional villages like Karya, enjoy the view over the islands and the bay of Nidri from the church of prophet Elias and visit the monastery of Faneromeni.


Visit Lefkada Town for some shopping in the beautiful main street in the old town or enjoy a drink between the locals and the harbour front. Music nights, theatrical performances, poetry nights, painting and photograph exhibitions are organized every summer in Lefkada Town.

Take one of the relaxing boat trips to discover the crystal clear blue water, beaches and islands around Lefkada. Enjoy the evening warmth in the lively village of Nidri or enjoy the sunset in the more quiet town Agios Nikitas. Lefkada has something for everyone!